3 week challenge.

okay so, im going to start tomorrow. 

its a friday, good day to start in my opinion.. when i start on mondays i normally fail by wednesday night.

ive bought 30 eggs, 2 for breakfast each morning, or for my tea depending on shift work and college days! Eggs are a great source of protein and studies have shown if you eat a high protein breakfast you consume less calories throughout the day and they also keep you full for longer.

If i manage to get round to dinner, which i normally don’t, ill have a soup, ANY soup i can get my hands on, tomatoe, chicken, veg or if i have time ill make some the night before and have homemade soup.

for my tea ill try have meat or fish, chicken, turkey, beef, salmon & unbattered haddock, the batter is full of fat and carbs which wont be the best thing to eat at night depending on the time i get in from the gym, so ill try have it with, boiled rice, new baby potatoes, veg or stir fry.



right this is the tricky part, don’t want to overdo it and kill off my mojo :]

so Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays it will be..


5 minutes X-Trainer to warm up

            20 minutes Treadmill Interval run

            20 minutes Wave machine on level 20

            10 minutes on the stepper on level 6

            5 minutes on the bike


the 100 challenge on all machines is tough one but i’m going to try

it goes, 40,30,20,10… yes its as hard as it sounds, ive tried it before and couldnt do the full 40 ha :]

chest press, shoulder press, tricep dips, bicep curls and some back exercises. full upper body workout 3 times a week, the more muscle you have the more calories you burn generally even when sitting there watching T.V.


i’ll repeat the cardio session and instead of doing a full upper body workout ill change to a full ab circuit and lower body workout.

same principle of 40,30,20,10.

Abs – side plank, front plank, crunches, sit ups and reverse sit ups using a balance ball.

Legs – squats, lunges, Inner thigh raises & calf raises.

Starting tomorrow this will become my ritual and i promise to stick to it!


Lets do this!




i can do it, you can do it


so yes this picture does say it all after my 2 years of trying to loose weight from 14st8lb to my current weight of 13st3lb.


i always get disheartened as normally my goal dates are 6 months away but not this time, small close together dates as i have up & coming events the biggest being 6 months away, my 1st girls holiday to Ibiza.


Goal 1 – Valentines Day

doesn’t everyone want to look and feel good for their other halfs on this day? whether its a night out, a night in or weekend away you want to feel and look your best! my goal is to weight 12st 10lb. so i have 3 weeks to loose half a stone? shouldnt be too bad should it! ha why am i kidding myself its going to be touture but my gorgeous boyfriend deserves me looking better than i do right now!

Goal 2 – Natalies 18th

Natalie, my boyfriends sister, is having a huge 18th birthday party at the end of march so theres a huge incentive! Everyone wants to look good infront of their partners family don’t they so they think they’ve done well or is this just me ha?!! well my goal for the 23rd March is 12st 0lb! from valentines day this is 5 weeks away meaning i have 8 weeks to loose a total of 1st 3lb.. i best get shifting my tush soon as!

Goal 3 – Craigs 21st

so for my boyfriends birthday were all going away for the weekend, his sisters & parents, so im guissing we will be spending alot of time in the pool! Don’t fancy swimming around like a beach whale do i soooo im giving myself another target of another 7lb making me 11st7lb IF get there but what type of attitude is that ay so i WILL get there with a bit of motivation and determination.

Goal 4 – The Wedding.

at the beginning of June i’m going to be bridesmaid at my cousins wedding and want to look amazing in such an amazing dress so the training and diet will need kicking up! from Craigs birthday to the wedding is a total of 5 weeks, wow, it shocked me counting it then! i’d be happy to hit the 11st mark, even happier if it was lower but i cant expect too much can i!


July 28th me and £ of my friends fly out to Ibiza, all of them being slim already makes it even more important that i don’t look like the ‘fat friend’ and plus Craig and his friends will be flying out a couple of days later and i don’t want his friends thinking o Jesus his girlfriends fat, i couldn’t put him through the shame of that so there’s a huge boost! From the wedding to the holiday is 8 weeks and FINGERS CROSSED i can get close to the 10st mark! id be happy with a 10st 7 reading or less but anything near the mark will be a great achievement. 


so whose ready to join me on this journey, ill be posting regular updates of my general training and food, feedback is welcome, questions adive and tips too.

wish me luck!

Ashleigh x 

Sitting Around.

I decided on January 2nd that it was time, i mean come on who wants to start a diet and exercise regime when they’re hungover, craving every fatty food in the cupboard & off all the take away menus in reach!


i downloaded a couple of apps to my iPhone, and had a little nose through them.

i decided on a quick route, simple route, that wasnt straying too far from my house incase i really was as unfit as i thought. The route was a little over 2 miles and although it took me 25 minutes i new it was a start.

It was a head start on everybody still sitting on the couch ‘thinking’ about exercising, After my first run i was soar, aching, tired but that oinly made me even more determined, i carried this on for 1 week then started using a 5k runner training app. i felt so much better about myself, tried eating a little better but in January the cupboards are still full of the left over temptations arnt they & then the snow decided to hit!

Cant do much running outside when your like Bambi on ice can you? if you can please tell me how! So i made the dreaded decision to go to the gym.

January in the gym is the WORST POSSIBLE MONTH as everyone with their ‘New Year, New Me’ personas are there taking up ALL the machines and dont even have a clue what they’re doing. Does that annoy you? it annoys me to the point were steam comes out by ears.

Annoys me nearly as much as girls coming to the gym in full faces of make up and perfect hair, i mean come onnnnnnnnn, its doing no good for your skin is it? all that make up getting into your pours. You cant work out half as hard if your too busy making sure your hairs right and your lip gloss is touched up, GET OUT OF THE GYM.

This is what i experienced within 5 minutes of being in the gym and i walked out.

The hardest part of wanting to start a new routine is picking where to start. There is so much information on the internet ‘you should do this,you should do that’ ‘dont do this, dont do that’ 

ive been so confused this week its quiet off putting isnt it? you get to the gym and even after years of floating in and out of routine you still get flustered over what machine to use, on what level and for how long.. so today while im home alone and its quiet im going to devise myself my own plan. I might even change it every two weeks, try different ways such as Interval, Fartleck, Circuits or Tabata and see how that affects my journey.

Another hard part if having the right ingredients in the house to sustain your exercise and as everybody knows, it goes hand in hand with diet. YES that dreading word ‘DIET’

Diets never last, EVER, unless your Victoria Beckham who i would say is OCD in food control but thats another topic isnt it! Diets restrict what you can and cant eat and you know the old psychological effect where if you cant have something you want it more, well this kicks in big time! instead i would like to think of it as ‘Changing’ bad habits.


if you start 1 at a time it should be too hard should it? So my first 3 ‘changes’ are going to be

1- Drink 8 glasses of water a day 

                               yeah so this shouldnt be too hard should it, i drink LOTS of tea, but tea on the other hand i overload with sugar!

2- Stop the Sugar

                              this one is harder said than done, although i can change to sweetener its never the same is it.

3- 20 minutes MINIMUM

                           i solemnly swear to exercise for 20 minutes a day whether it be just walking, weights or sit ups!


when these have been successful for 2 weeks ill change them still sticking to them as they SHOULD be habit by then shouldn’t they?

i complain i can never loose weight but it annoys me, i know exactly what to eat, how much to exercise but still i never do.