3 week challenge.

okay so, im going to start tomorrow. 

its a friday, good day to start in my opinion.. when i start on mondays i normally fail by wednesday night.

ive bought 30 eggs, 2 for breakfast each morning, or for my tea depending on shift work and college days! Eggs are a great source of protein and studies have shown if you eat a high protein breakfast you consume less calories throughout the day and they also keep you full for longer.

If i manage to get round to dinner, which i normally don’t, ill have a soup, ANY soup i can get my hands on, tomatoe, chicken, veg or if i have time ill make some the night before and have homemade soup.

for my tea ill try have meat or fish, chicken, turkey, beef, salmon & unbattered haddock, the batter is full of fat and carbs which wont be the best thing to eat at night depending on the time i get in from the gym, so ill try have it with, boiled rice, new baby potatoes, veg or stir fry.



right this is the tricky part, don’t want to overdo it and kill off my mojo :]

so Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays it will be..


5 minutes X-Trainer to warm up

            20 minutes Treadmill Interval run

            20 minutes Wave machine on level 20

            10 minutes on the stepper on level 6

            5 minutes on the bike


the 100 challenge on all machines is tough one but i’m going to try

it goes, 40,30,20,10… yes its as hard as it sounds, ive tried it before and couldnt do the full 40 ha :]

chest press, shoulder press, tricep dips, bicep curls and some back exercises. full upper body workout 3 times a week, the more muscle you have the more calories you burn generally even when sitting there watching T.V.


i’ll repeat the cardio session and instead of doing a full upper body workout ill change to a full ab circuit and lower body workout.

same principle of 40,30,20,10.

Abs – side plank, front plank, crunches, sit ups and reverse sit ups using a balance ball.

Legs – squats, lunges, Inner thigh raises & calf raises.

Starting tomorrow this will become my ritual and i promise to stick to it!


Lets do this!



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