i can do it, you can do it


so yes this picture does say it all after my 2 years of trying to loose weight from 14st8lb to my current weight of 13st3lb.


i always get disheartened as normally my goal dates are 6 months away but not this time, small close together dates as i have up & coming events the biggest being 6 months away, my 1st girls holiday to Ibiza.


Goal 1 – Valentines Day

doesn’t everyone want to look and feel good for their other halfs on this day? whether its a night out, a night in or weekend away you want to feel and look your best! my goal is to weight 12st 10lb. so i have 3 weeks to loose half a stone? shouldnt be too bad should it! ha why am i kidding myself its going to be touture but my gorgeous boyfriend deserves me looking better than i do right now!

Goal 2 – Natalies 18th

Natalie, my boyfriends sister, is having a huge 18th birthday party at the end of march so theres a huge incentive! Everyone wants to look good infront of their partners family don’t they so they think they’ve done well or is this just me ha?!! well my goal for the 23rd March is 12st 0lb! from valentines day this is 5 weeks away meaning i have 8 weeks to loose a total of 1st 3lb.. i best get shifting my tush soon as!

Goal 3 – Craigs 21st

so for my boyfriends birthday were all going away for the weekend, his sisters & parents, so im guissing we will be spending alot of time in the pool! Don’t fancy swimming around like a beach whale do i soooo im giving myself another target of another 7lb making me 11st7lb IF get there but what type of attitude is that ay so i WILL get there with a bit of motivation and determination.

Goal 4 – The Wedding.

at the beginning of June i’m going to be bridesmaid at my cousins wedding and want to look amazing in such an amazing dress so the training and diet will need kicking up! from Craigs birthday to the wedding is a total of 5 weeks, wow, it shocked me counting it then! i’d be happy to hit the 11st mark, even happier if it was lower but i cant expect too much can i!


July 28th me and £ of my friends fly out to Ibiza, all of them being slim already makes it even more important that i don’t look like the ‘fat friend’ and plus Craig and his friends will be flying out a couple of days later and i don’t want his friends thinking o Jesus his girlfriends fat, i couldn’t put him through the shame of that so there’s a huge boost! From the wedding to the holiday is 8 weeks and FINGERS CROSSED i can get close to the 10st mark! id be happy with a 10st 7 reading or less but anything near the mark will be a great achievement. 


so whose ready to join me on this journey, ill be posting regular updates of my general training and food, feedback is welcome, questions adive and tips too.

wish me luck!

Ashleigh x 

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